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transgenders use spiked dildos to keep wound open

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You can use any other type of dilator, dildo, or vibrator as long as it fits comfortably into the vaginal and does not cause pain or injury to the tissues. Do I need to douche? Following removal of vaginal packing, 1 week after surgery, we recommend douching every other day for the first three weeks, and then once or twice weekly in order to ...

I’m a 22-Year-Old Trans Woman. Here’s What It’s Really Like ...

There was this stent in me, almost like a giant dildo thing, to keep [my vagina] open for three or four days. I was bedridden as fuck the first day. The second day, I wobbled around the hospital ...

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18 The Plow. Admit it, every time you visit your local sex store you look up and down the aisles and are secretly ashamed and disgusted that there's not a single toy that can also double as some kind of medieval siege weapon. Lucky for you, some perverse engineers thought the same thing and nipped that problem in the bud.

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The use of water based lubricant jelly is mandatory for every time you do dilation or have sexual intercourse in order to prevent tearing of the delicate skin inside the vagina. A plenty of lubricant jelly must be applied over the tip and shaft of your dilator and also at the skin of vaginal opening before dilation to ease insertion of the ...

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7 Bizarre Products for Dressing Up Your Genitals. In a time when everything from artificial tans to calf implants has become culturally acceptable, for some reason genitals usually get left out of the body-decoration process. The only real option until recently was choosing between carpet or hardwood floors. Not anymore!

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10. Scold’s Bridle. This portable instrument of torture was popular in England and Scotland during the 1500’s, but was seen as late as the nineteenth century. The scold’s bridle (also known as branks) was a cage that was locked around a woman’s head as punishment for nagging and gossiping too often.

A former sex slave's terrifying ordeal: "As soon as he put ...

A former sex slave's terrifying ordeal: "As soon as he put the blindfold on, I knew something was wrong" Jill Brenneman lived a nightmare for three years.

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Top 7 Ways Men Injure Their Penis and Crush Their Balls

If you do cut yourself, take a clean cloth and use pressure to compound the wound until the blood clots. In severe cases where major bleeding occurs that won’t stop, head to the ER. If you notice any signs of an infection, like redness, swelling, puss or dark skin areas, call your doctor ASAP.

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I don’t have feminine looks or nice skin so the use of liberal amounts of make-up is a necessity to get even half way toward smoother feminine skin. I do know some actual women who wear similar amounts of make-up as I require so that helps as I imagine, maybe hope, that as a woman I would fit in with those women who always wear heavier make-up.