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Are there comfort/soothing sex toys? : sex

This is a bit of a weird question, but let me give context. I’ve got an autistic boyfriend, we’re both 18M and sex is different (he’s also deaf but that’s not all of it). I make sure he’s comfortable, lots of kissing and cuddling during sex. I rub his genitals alot and it’s soothing and comforting for him and helps him with anxiety.

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This was also me. I was ugly as fuck when I was a kid. Even as an infant, and through all/most of high school. I was too skinny from an eating disorder and would "randomly" have a bloated stomach and face (also from eating disorder), my hair looked like straw, skin was nasty looking, teeth needed a good brushing, and my face was just fugly, end of story.

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I’ve tried talking to him numerous times and he reassures me he loves me and is committed to me and just prefers cuddling to sex. He also says he’s happy with our sex life. I can’t make sense of this with his sexual history having been with so many women.

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As weird as it sounds, it was actually kind of a sweet moment between us. We hadn’t even been together a full year yet, and I had never been so intimate and vulnerable with another person before.

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I’m not even super into feet, but I find flat shoes like Vans and Converse super attractive. Bonus points if the pants are cuffed." 9. "When a guy buckles/unbuckles a belt." "The belt thing is ...

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