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The thing itself is older. A classical Latin word for one was fascinum (see fascinate). In later English sometimes a French word, godemiché, was used (1879). Also used in 18c. of things that resemble dildoes, e.g. dildo pear (1756), dildo cactus (1792). Shakespeare plays on the double sense, sexual toy and ballad refrain, in "A Winter's Tale."

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Italians provided the word diletto, meaning "to delight," from which the modern English word "dildo" evolved. By the time of the Renaissance, its creation had become an art form. Members of the upper classes had dildos custom made from silver, ivory, and other precious materials.

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dildo ( plural dildos or dildoes ) An artificial phallus ( penis) for sexual use. ( derogatory) An idiot, a bore . quotations . 1984, Alex Cox, Repo Man, spoken by Otto Maddox (Emilio Estevez): I take back cars from dildos who don't pay their bills.

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The sex toys dating back 28,000 years: Ancient phalluses made from stone and dried camel dung started trend for sex aids. ... which comes from the Greek word for uterus.

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Pegging refers to when a woman penetrates a man anally with a strap-on dildo. ... form of corporal punishment on female prisoners by the Greek and the Roman empires. These days, the term also can ...

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ABOVE: Greek red-figure amphora painting by the Flying Angel Painter, dating to around 490 BCE, depicting a naked woman holding a dildo. βόλβιτον (bólbiton) • second-declension neuter (genitive: βολβίτου) • The word literally means “cowshit.”

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What sex toys were like throughout history. If you were a horny woman or man living in Ancient Greece, you probably didn't have a slew of sex shops downtown, but you did have plenty of bread ...

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Definition of dildo in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of dildo. What does dildo mean? Information and translations of dildo in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

How Genitals Got Their Names, or Why a Penis Is Called a Pizzle

Penis is derived from the Latin word for tail, popping up in Cicero's ad Familiares. By that time, the usage of the word primarily lent itself to this part of male genitalia. The Greek translation ...