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huge dildo’ stories. Active tags. ... Girl gets turned on to a huge dildo. by ... Literotica is a registered trademark.

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We dive deeper into our big cock/cock size obsession. The first time I fucked my asshole with a dildo. Mom and son create a cum and pussy partnership. As her week of frustration continues, he ups the stakes. and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica.com!

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Even with the big dildo already in her pussy, my cock slid in very easily, but it did make her hole tight enough so I could cum, and I blew my load in seconds. It was the very first time we had ever done a dvp with the huge dildo. Amy went to the bathroom immediately and said upon returning, "Oh my god, my pussy is on fire right now. It stings.

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A Big Addiction. Tiffany sat her magazine on the night stand and rolled over to face me. Her pink low cut night gown exposing her ready cleavage as she bolstered one hand under her head. "Nick, tell me something." I picked the remote up off my chest and hit the OFF button. "Yes, my love." I answered her as I rolled myself to face her.

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Avery gets even. And hank gets a big black dildo. by Hank_Avery Anal 03/02/2018 4.28

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Prank at sex party ends with unusual payback. Subbie is set daily tasks to keep her mind occupied. How I met my wife. All dressed up, and someplace to go. Cody watches Liv's house, and Carla watches him... and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica.com!

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my wife, Erica, said as she angrily showed me the contents of the box. Instead of the small pink feminine vibrator I had ordered her they had shipped a twelve inch silicone "realistic" black rubber dildo. It was huge and thick and full of vein having been molded from the cock of an infamous black porn star.

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A shiver of excitement runs through me upon hearing these words and I feel the massive knobbly shaft begin to move slowly up and down, in and out of my cunt. The sheer size of it excites me, the large knobbly veins rippling against the insides of my tightly stretched hole. Chris uses it as an extension of himself.

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42 Followers. My wife, Liz, lay naked before me on the bed, arms curled above her head and legs splayed wide, her shaved, wet pussy exposed. My head dipped between her thighs, my tongue working it's way up the wet folds of exposed skin, diving towards her engorged clit. She moaned, her long, wavy brown hair falling across her flushed cheek as ...

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Escort Addiction Pt. 01. Jace is recruited into an elite escort agency. by Charli_B Novels and Novellas 10/27/2017. 3.82. 15.6k.