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Dildo vs the penis, which actually feels better? - GirlsAskGuys

Do women prefer penis over a dildo (in most cases I hear that they do). Please explain why the penis is better than a dildo (beside the fact that there's a guy attached to the penis. Does a penis actually feel significantly better than a dildo ...

Dildos VS Penis: Is There a Difference? | BedBible.com

These dildos are made from high-quality materials and feel more like a real penis. And, the more realistic your dildo feels, the better your sexual experiences will be. So, here are 3 of the most realistic dildos on the market.

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Does a dildo feel any different then a real penis? : AskWomen

Yes they're very different. In my experience dildos are much stiffer and less flexible. Also colder at first since they're plastic or silicon rather than something with body heat. I prefer the real thing.

Why does a dildo feel better than the real thing ...

I'm with the others, taking dick always feels much better than riding a dildo. I suspect you're having a specific fixable issue or two, but everyone is different. 3. level 2. leviwrites. Original Poster. 9 months ago. I think a lot of it is that I always feel fat so I get so self conscious about looking ugly for him. 1.

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Does a dildo feel the same as the real thing? - GirlsAskGuys

The shape and the feel may feel similar but unless the dildo can give off heat while having the skin feeling, then I don't think it will ever feel the same as the real thing. Sex with a condom feels a bit different than sex with the same penis without a condom. Even the super thin ones, you should be able to tell the difference.

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However, our female-identifying staff members did list a couple of key differences between a dick and a dildo: The dildo will remain hard and firm throughout penetration. It will not soften or become limp at any time.

7 Reasons Why Men Will Never Be Replaced By Vibrators

It’s enough to make a penis shake in his briefs. But I’m here to tell peckers everywhere: Fear not, you’ll never be replaced (nor will the men attached to them). Here’s why: 1. Orgasms ...

What’s better dildo or a real cock in your ass | XNXX Adult Forum

Sure a real dick feels better in your ass.. but you can still have some amazing experiences with a dildo. For me it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. There are some times when a dildo will do just fine.. especially when u just want to get off, without all the human dynamics.