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6. Dip the bottle back in the water for 30-45 seconds to harden the layer of glue. 7. Repeat steps 3-6 until you reach the desired thickness. 8. Pour 1/3 - 1/2 inch of glue in a disposable glass (a medium glass from McDonalds will do). 9. Wait 20 seconds or so for the glue to slightly thicken. 10.

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Hollow plugs are more practical for enema play. 1. level 1. Ellieabdl. · 7y. If you do get one do not get a gelly or soft one every one says they suck. I have never tried one I am not into pooping. But I bang my bum every night to force the poo out if you want to poo of feel like you are put a tampon up your bum. 0.

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This would allow the hollow butt plug to enter the anus quickly and prevent discomfort. However, it is still possible to select an appealing design and create a good feeling of arousal. Size of Hollow Anal Plugs: Not every hollow butt plug is going to be a perfect fit for your anus. When it comes to butt plug sizes, those of smaller sizes can be 4.5 inches in total length and 1.15 inches in diameter, with larger sizes having 5.75 inches in total length and 1.55 inches in diameter.

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The plug used was a Pipe Dream Anal Fantasy Open Wide Tunnel Plug made of "Elite Silicone" with a .75 inch diameter center tunnel, insertable length of 2.4 inches, total insertable width of 1.5 inches, and a very comfortable flaired T base that managed to work as intended without adding uncomfortable pressure or poking.

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However, I can confirm as previously said that even a hollow plug or pig hole does not work to make one bowel incontinent. Not unless you have diarrhea anyways. Unfortunately, I can confirm that the overuse of butt plugs is NOT a good thing.

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The buttplug also had a significant impact on my farts. I used to be able to stop myself from farting at anytime. Now most of the time my farts take me by surprise. At first I had to strain to fart around my buttplug, but now I am capable of farting around the buttplug like it isn't even there.

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ABDL Topsite; Join; 1-888-430-2010; Blog; hollow butt plug Forced Incontinence Phone Sex! by Mommy Blogger // May 28, 2017. Have you ever had forced incontinence ...

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Actually, holding your anus open prevents your body from moving waste into the section of your bowel that triggers the urge to defecate. Unless you have some pretty bad diarrhea, a hollow butt plug will work much the same as a solid plug.

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I've had good results with a hollow butt plug, and Phillips brand laxative. It's the best brand you can get, because there's barely any cramping. Hollow plug will keep you open, so you can't hold it, you get a slight tummy gurgle, and out the mess comes. Be warned that it will not be solid.