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A good lubricant for anal sex is essential. Lube makes anal sex more pleasurable, decreases risk of condom-breakage, and helps protect sensitive tissue. If you are using latex condoms, or any other latex barriers such as gloves or dental dams, olive oil should be avoided because oils and oil-based lubricants and lotions cause latex to break down.

16 Best Lubes For Anal Sex And Butt PIay In 2021

Coconut oil is a great choice for anal, especially for anyone looking for a safe all-natural lube option. Unlike baby oil or Vaseline, which will dry out and irritate the anal tissue, coconut oil...

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Beyond making anal play pleasurable, lube is also what makes it safer! The tissue lining the anal canal is super thin and delicate, which makes it susceptible to microtears if it's not well-lubricated, explains Evan Goldstein, D.O., CEO and founder of Bespoke Surgical, a sexual-wellness company specializing in anal-related health. And not only can those tiny tears be painful (duh), they also increase the risk of STI transmission if your partner has one, he says.

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Coconut Oil as an Anal Lube The moisturizing properties or coconut oil make it ideal for anal lubrication. It makes the skin more elastic and can help the extremely delicate skin of the anus stretch without developing the small tears that are sometimes the result of vigorous anal activity.

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The pH of a lubricant should match the area you’re using it with. Vaginal: The pH of a lubricant to be used vaginally should be pH 3.8- 4.5. Lubricants with pH above 4.5 will increase risk of bacterial vaginosis. Unfortunately, many commercially available lubricants have pH levels far exceeding 4.5. Anal: Lubricants to be used anally should have a pH level of 5.5 – pH 7.

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Without lube, butt stuff can be painful and even cause some mild bleeding afterward due to any anal tears in the sensitive anal canal tissue. Not every lube is created equal.

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Due to its slippery feel and natural moisturizing abilities, aloe makes for a great lubricant for vaginal or anal sex that won't break down the effectiveness of condoms, latex or not. Be sure to ...

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Anywho, it was a casual suggestion that really caught my chemist’s eye…. Lavender, clove, lemongrass, or cinnamon oil for scent. Ohhhhhh… cinnamon oil is a warming … sounds intriguing… but let’s back up to clove oil. I’ve used clove oil myself – and not just for scent.

The Importance of Using Lube During Sex

Using lubrication during sex is important for several reasons. To begin, when having vaginal or anal intercourse, the area can sometimes be very dry. Lubrication can moisten those areas, which can...

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The base of the lube is sweet almond oil (sorry again allergic readers), shea butter and cocoa butter, and it’s topped off with a dash of vitamin E. All those moisturising goodies make this lubricant ideal for dry and sensitive tissues and it is a particularly good option for women with vaginal dryness.